"The cuisine is the combination of science, art and invention"
William Lenzotti

giallo modena ristorante caffetteria

The cafeteria Modena Yellow is a special meeting place where you can relax or where you can have a drink with friends and colleagues, a quick meal or an afternoon snack.

The service is coordinated by Maurizio, expert bartender who knows always how to advise customers for the best. The coffee we serve is the one of the “L’Antico Gran Riserva” that can be enjoyed with milk frothed to shape the cappuccino, a custom repeated millions of times in the world and customized according to personal taste.

In our showcase of specialties there are always cakes and pies prepared by the chefs, a wide variety of pastries, sandwiches and rolls result of studied combinations and forms, filled with traditional sausages or with vegetables.

Even the pizza by the slice we serve is our production. The drink can be consumed by choosing what is preferred in the wine list or requiring long drinks or cocktails made with fresh fruit. The appetizers made by the kitchen accompany the aperitif.


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