"The cuisine is the combination of science, art and invention"
William Lenzotti

giallo modena ristorante caffetteria

Unique and glocal, the style of the Restaurant- Cafeteria Modena Yellow is expressed in every detail: from the innovative architecture that characterizes the refined details to the furniture design, from the provision of quality Cafeteria and Kitchen, to the elegant and causal service.

The attitude of Giallo Modena is the one of a place open to both tourists  that every day come to visit the Museum Enzo Ferrari from all over the world, who have the right to recieve the best of the renowned Emilian tradition, as well as customers who want to stop for a drink or lunch in a place where the atmosphere is both international and local.

The careful research of raw materials and the use of local products, are also top priorities for Chef. The service is inspired by the passion of the staff and face the constant customer satisfaction.

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