"The cuisine is the combination of science, art and invention"
William Lenzotti

giallo modena ristorante caffetteria

Salada Meat (Sighel Macelleria Baselga di Pinè) with corn salad and citrus
Fried eggs bacon based and golden-brown canapè
Bruschetta with Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and cailletier recipe
Scarpazza (spinach or cabbage tart) with burrata from Andria and fresh garden tomatoes in mayonnaise

Fusilli pasta from Gragnano with ham steak, rocket and lemon peel
Macaroni made in a pressure cooker with hand sliced veal ragù
Risotto vialone Nano ( Italian- Isola della Scala medium grain rice variety)
mixed with stracciatella from Andria and anchovies from Cantabrico Sea
Gragnano spaghetti with tomato sauce and fresh basil and savory ricotta (italian whey cheese)
Grain salad recipe
Homemade tagliatelle pasta with sauce from Modena

Tortelloni handmade pasta stuffed with wild herbs, Cinghianello (soft white flavoured Italian cheese) and toasted almonds
Nonna Cesira -cook working for Enzo Ferrari- tortellini (handmade pasta stuffed with meat) in soup or with Parmigiano Reggiano
cheese cream
Gnocchetti (potato dumplings) with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese cream
Spinach lasagna with sauce from Modena and Parmesan
Nuvolari pumpkin tortelloni with aged balsamic vinegar

Tricolor salad (red-leafed “radicchio”, lettuce, tomatoes and feta)
Mixed salad with gorgonzola cheese, pears and nuts with balsamic vinegar
Caesar salad dressed with grilled chicken, golden-brown croutons, Worcestershire sauce an devilled eggs
Chef vegetarian food course
Buffalo Mozzarella from Andriawith little tomatoes
Strips with rosmery and salad
Chicken nuggets with curry and crispy spinach with sesame and lemon
Thigh of duck confit noodles with fennel celery citrus and pink pepper
Tigelle ( typical flat bread) stuffed with Prosciutto di Modena (raw ham), culatta and brawn by Casa Vignoli – 1946 – and Lard D’Arnad (PDO), squacquerone fresh cream cheese and arugula salad rocket

Affogato Coffeè
Fruit fantasy recipe
Ice cream Fruits Salad
Homemade ice-cream by FainelloIn Lake Garda
Of Fruit ice cream Symphony (Gelateria Fainello Lake Garda)
Chef Trifle
Homemade tiramisù (coffee flavoured dessert)
Homemade cakes
Panna cotta with mixed berries
Russet apples strudel with crème anglaise

Pennette (pasta with cylinder-shaped pieces) with tomato sauce or ragù (meat-based sauce)
Cutlet with french fries

At the Restaurant Giallo Modena can also have a gluten-free meal

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