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The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena is a wonderful work of contemporary architecture, the last signed by architect Jan Kaplicky who was owner of Studio Future Systems. The museum complex includes the house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898 and a new gallery exhibition characterized by an automotive design, for a total of 5000 square meters of exhibition.

The visitor, coming to visit the MEF of Modena, has the impression of access in a temple totally consecrated to the car and its history. The new gallery is a unique space, entirely white, which at a rate of about 30 minutes, turns into a wraparound projection room where, from the ceiling to the walls, scroll through the images of men and history, an exciting and emotional show where truly unique ingredients blend: in the futuristic pavilion, where cars are exhibited as works of art, we are witnessing a spectacle that tells, through an exciting movie, the magical story of Enzo Ferrari’s 90 years of life. From the child that at the beginning of the twentieth century discovers the races, to the pilot, from the animator of the Scuderia to the Manufacturer and its triumphs.

This dip in the purest emotion is accompanied by the Native House, with adjoining the mechanical workshop where Enzo’s father worked as a steelworker carpenter for the nearby railway. In the house, which still reports the emblem of the original family on the door, you can visit some of the rooms on the ground floor, including the original office of Enzo Ferrari. The workshop hosts the Museum of Ferrari engines, a story within a story that allows us to understand why the Ferrari cars are unique.

To complete the museum complex there is also a classroom for educational activities, a movie room, the food - Cafeteria Giallo Modena and a Store.

To visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello you can use the shuttle service departing from the parking of the Museum Enzo Ferrari every 45 min.

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