"The cuisine is the combination of science, art and invention"
William Lenzotti

giallo modena ristorante caffetteria

The restaurant Giallo Modena is located in the Museum Enzo Ferrari in Modena, in the Gallery exhibition which has a design that echoes the hood of a sport car and is accessible to the public regardless even if they don’t access to the exhibition area. The space is made brighter by the wonderful glass facade with a double curve that delimits and offers exclusive views of the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari. The interior design is minimal, characterized by the colors of white and yellow and refined details that make it a welcoming place in which you live a unique and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

The restaurant area is separate from the cafeteria, so as to allow the use of space during the day both for lunch or dinner (on reservation) for the meals at the cafeteria for breakfast, cocktails, brunch or moments of pause. In the summer season the space in the courtyard outside, adjacent to the machine shop that still bears the original name "MACHINE SHOP ALFREDO FERRARI", is equipped to enrich the proposal of the Restaurant - Cafeteria and provide a stunning setting for pleasant moments during the day with preparations bar or kitchen or evening events also exclusive. The restaurant Giallo Modena is a perfect place for the prestige it offers, even for aperitifs or lunches.


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